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Interested in becoming one of the shades (team)? We are always looking for talent geeks that are interested in making original content, moderating, making handmade products, helping out, and so on. Contact us today!

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Admin, Content Creator, & Doo-dah Maker (Shop Products)

Word from Red: Hello there, fellow geeks. From the header above, you already know that I go by the name of Red… you also probably noticed that I’m a gamer that really likes Bioshock Infinite. After all, my avatar is Booker and Elizabeth. :b
Nonetheless, I’m quite the fiend of gaming, anime, music, cats, coding/programming, law, design, fitness, and a whole lot more. I also enjoy cosplay, cons, and hand making an assortment of geeky things. Feel free to message me or ask me anything. I’m friendly and enjoy conversations all kinds of people.

PS: I know my little introduction is smaller than Cerulean’s. Shhh!

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Content Writer & Moderator

Word from Cerulean: Howdy, everyone, I am Cerulean! I like anime, video games, and music. I love having a nice latte and a book in hand when I can find the chance. I am a Palutena pocket main in Smash 4, a Zelda pocket main in Brawl, and a Marth pocket main in Melee. I write fanfiction and music for fun and am not afraid to indulge in long periods of time in listening to OST’s of my favorite games. I am a firm believer that there is a difference in a story between the “villain” and the “antagonist” and that both are the most essential and crucial element when critically analyzing any game or story’s plot. I also like cats. Me-ow~! ^_~

My favorite video game genre is JRPG, my favorite book series is the Artemis Fowl series, I like Marvel movies more than DC movies, and I will let my passion and love for all things geek exude onto every article I write!

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