Streets of Rage 2 OST Featured Image
Streets of Rage 2 OST on vinyl available for pre-order!
Streets of Rage 2 OST Featured Image

Streets of Rage 2 OST on vinyl available for pre-order!

Available for ordering today, Streets of Rage 2 OST on vinyl comes in three editions

SoR2 Cover
Cover of the Streets of Rage 2 Genesis edition.

Yes, you all have heard correctly! With many people turning to listening to their favorite music in a less crisp warmer tone or simply purchasing the records as collectors, vinyl has been resurging through the markets with renewed vigor. The latest music to join this trend has been video game soundtracks. Paired with the high amounts of nostalgia in the video game culture, vinyl seems to be a perfect fit for many gamers of today.

Today, February 27, marks the first day of pre-ordering for the vinyl release of a remastered Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack. Widely regarded among video game fans as one of the most influential and well-written soundtracks of the 16-bit era, this soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro has been taken straight from the files from his original NEC PC-88 and touched up for a modern audience. In addition to the record, two lithographs and artwork from Sega are included with the purchase.

Streets of Rage 2 vinyl options
The OST’s vinyl comes with three different cosmetic options, two lithographs, and a killer case.

The records come in three editions, all in 2 x 180g LP. One is a traditional black vinyl and will sell for approximately $32, whereas one can pay a few dollars more (approximately $35) and acquire a transparent vinyl with a smoke effect and optional blood spatter. Twenty-five tracks will be included with the release, which include four bonus tracks. Two examples of what the soundtrack has to offer can be found here.

Personally, I can only hope they do this with the Final Fantasy VI, Bravely Default, or Chrono Trigger soundtracks one day.

Will any of you be purchasing this for your vinyl collection? Leave your comment below!

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