MAGFest 14 Cosplay Gallery: Saturday!

Pictures of MAGFest 14 Cosplay Outfits from Saturday

Life has a habit of providing bumps along the way, such as having issues with Photoshop running properly and delays in processing the photos. Still, Red graciously offered to lend her superior skill in the program to help optimize the pictures to the best of her ability.

These are the rest of the pictures I took, mostly from Saturday and one picture that I took on Friday that I accidentally put in the “Saturday Cosplay” folder. There were a few people that I could not get their information, whether it was their name or cosplay character–some characters I just knew so I filled it in myself, honestly–so if anybody out there can fill in the blanks, that would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, without any further delay, I present the cosplay gallery from Saturday from MAGFest 14!

These are some quite amazing cosplays, in my honest opinion. What did you think of these cosplays? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

MAGFest Cosplay Gallery: Friday!

Pictures of MAGFest Cosplay Outfits from Friday

As some may have previously known, Red and myself went to MAGFest this year to check it out and see what it was like. Although it was Red’s first time, I had been there once prior (I had attended in 2012 and got to see the Sonic fan film premiere as well as Brentalfloss, Video Game Orchestra, and the Triforce Quartet) and knew a bit of what to expect from this magnificent event.

With Red cosplaying this time around, she handed me her Nikon camera to take pictures of cosplays that I really liked around the convention center for a post for the website. I’ll be honest, this was my first time using a camera of this quality and caliber (I’ve never used a camera outside a cell phone at a convention before), but I enjoyed it so much that I am definitely going to be borrowing it more to explore its options and perfect the art of photography.

So, in my quest, I walked around with a camera and a notebook, trying to get everyone’s names and character names so I could give proper credit to all the pictures I took. I managed to get most people’s names and cosplays, but there are some who I caught at the wrong time and were on their way somewhere, so if you know who the uncredited ones are, feel free to mention it, so I can give it proper credit. I also learned to bring a better pen and a more stable place to write in the notebook for next year, since the pen I was using was not of the best of quality. C’est la vie, every experience is a learning experience, though!

These are all pictures from Friday. Saturday’s pictures are still in the process of being touched up and will be posted sometime tomorrow.

In my four-day weekend there at MAGFest, I managed to run into so many amazing cosplays and many cosplayers who were really kind and good sports about being photographed. I managed to even talk to a few of them about their costumes and how they were put together and the amount of work they put into their outfits and some of the techniques they used to make it all come together into these awesome pieces of art and heart!

Saturday’s pictures will be up sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that! What did you think of these cosplays? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.